4 comments on “RuneAudio, Volumio and Moode

  1. Thanks for the review! The songs limit has been the only irritating thing about in MoOde so far and recently that’s the only issue that keeps me from buying it. (And the fact it went from being free (as in beer) to “forced donation” plan). I have to check out the recent Volumio build.

  2. RuneAudio as well as Volumio worked immediately on a RPi 3 with HifiBerry. Their interfaces are very nice, the sound was very good. I liked RuneAudio better, because finding Radio Centraal was easier. And radiocentraal.be is very important to be able to listen to.
    Trying to use a Raspberry Zero is maybe a little too niche to compare?
    And is it coïncidence that MoOde is a payed player? Are you friends with the makers?

    • > And is it coïncidence that MoOde is a payed player? Are you friends with the makers?
      When I wrote the original article, M00de certainly wasn’t a payed player. Then it was downloadable for free. And yes, you are already the second one who says it is payable now.
      I have no idea what it is today – I haven’t yet updated. I understand my archive copy of the old (and free) Moode image just became much more valuable 😉
      I have no idea who the makers are, thus no chance to become a friend of them.
      I promise you, when I make the next audio server, I’ll give RP3 and Runeaudio yet another try.

      I myself mostly listen to Soma Silent Channel, Positively Baroque and then local language Generaadio.ee. Plus a 16GB USB stick full of metal, mostly lossless.

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