2 comments on “Cheap USB MIDI cable – how to modify it

  1. “For newcomers some of MIDI realities are hard to understand. Like this: The connector with marking “Input” is always to be plugged into the socket marked “Output”, and vice versa.”

    It has some relationship to making sense if you realize that the MIDI spec intended the “Input” and “Output” you’re connecting to both be female DIN connectors, and you’d use an unlabelled cable to connect them. (Same paradigm as using a patch cable to connect “line out” to “line in” or the “out” on a VCR or DVD player to the “in” on a TV.)

    The uncommon confusion is just a side-effect of the cost-saving single-piece design of the converter that muddles up “connect out to in” and “connect like to like” intuitions about hooking up equipment.

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